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Childhood Obesity

I was just watching the news where they were addressing the issue of childhood obesity once again. The latest trial is to introduce free *healthy* school dinners to young children. Now that's all well and good, but I don't think that's actually going to do sod all.

Take my school dinner history, in Primary School from years 3 to 6, I ate burger and chips and some kind of cake for pudding EVERY DAY, as well as a chocolate bar at tuck time. In high school I changed my eating habits about once a year. I remember in my first year having sausage and chips everyday, then I went onto a sandwich, before going to chicken nuggets and waffles, and then chicken burgers in my final year. For 5 years they were the only foods I ate at school, on top of a sausage sandwich on toast everyday at break time, as well as doughnuts or cake or chocolate from vending machines, as well as umpteen amounts of fizzy pop.

Was I fat at school? Hell no - I was one of the thinnest and most athletic. I could outrun most people in my year, had more endurance and was a six 6. SIX!! It was insane. Being thin and healthy had nothing to do with the food I ate, but rather the amount of exercise I did, in the form of P.E and school sports teams, both at lunch time and after school.

Now I'm not in school anymore I've shot up to a size 12 and I have no stamina whatsoever! My diet hasn't changed, but my exercise routing sure has. In short, no more sport (which I really miss, incidentally).

They need to get kids out more, let them play outside, in the street (what I did every night) go and climb trees and in wade in rivers. I played computer games, but only in the evening or it was raining generally.

People need to stop being so over-protective of their children and let them play outside. Or in the park, or whatever.

One note, I acknowledge that the food I ate wasn't healthy, but it didn't stop me being fit and my proper weight. Actually, if anything I was under weight. I will always appreciate the fact that I was allowed to eat the food I liked and enjoyed, rather than being forced other stuff that was more healthy.

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