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Good but lonely.

Another day at uni and all good. It's actually a lot warmer in the department than I remember, so I'm pleased about that. I just have memories of freezing my ass off at the weekends for 4 hours and having to breathe on my fingers to keep them warm!

Did more databasing today. Did almost 80, which is better than my 50 records yesterday, but it would have been even better if I hadn't had to go home so early! Fi arrived at around 3:30 because her training finished early, so it was a mad dash up to the car park! Highlight of the work day was recording some actual sapphires, and also having to wear gloves because I was holding rocks of death!! (They contained mercury, lol).

However, despite the experience being good, I felt fairly lonely walking thru campus at lunch time looking for something to eat (the guild has changed lots and I was like ARGH!). I really miss the NHM now, because rounding everyone up and going to lunch was one of the nicest parts of the day. As well as not having that anymore, there is the knowledge that I'm not going to bump into anyone I know either.

There was a departmental coffee today, but I didn't stay long, as I didn't really know anyone, and I didn't wanna impinge my presence on the 1/2 people I did know. Nor did I fancy striking up random conversation. In London I think I was more sociable, but then outings to the pub were much more sociable than just a dept. coffee. Also, I probably felt that I had to talk to people in London, or I really wouldn't get to know anyone. In Birmingham, my old shyness has come back a bit. And my fear of groups, heh.

It made me briefly think about doing a PhD again, because I don't wanna be lonely for 3 years, but i figure then I'll know the other students anyway, so shouldn't be so much of a big deal.

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