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I love splitreason.com

I was reading my daily dose of Ctrl-Alt-Delete today (a web comic) and the T-shirts that are advertised in the side bar were making me giggle again (I have the lilah one because she is awesome, and the statement is oh so true). So I browsed over the splitreason.com and browsed the rest of the stuff (not CAD related) and found THE best pair of pants ever, with the statement Achievement Locked on them, referring of course to xbox 360 gamer points and achievements. Oh I want. So bad. Unfortunately, I also want a load of other things from there too. The t-shirts designs are just classic. I'd want them all in vest top designs, or at least women's fit, but they don't do those *sad*, well not on the CAD stuff anyway. Maybe I should check it out. So should you. Because it is awesome.

That is all.

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