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Thursday, 13 September 2007

Enchanted Arms - A Final Fantasy Rip-Off

Ok, fair enough, I bought this game for the 360 becaues it looked like a FF game, what I didn't know was that it would try to be a complete copy...and fail miserably.

I've only played for about half an hour, but the game play seems clumsy (even if it is very FF), and the main playable characters are annoying is hell. The 1st character is very much like Zell from FF*. Doesn't like attending class, and would rather jump in with both fists blazing. Unfortunatly, Zell is more macho than this character...yeah, seriously.

The second character is more like Quistis Trepp, more instructer-ish. Very knowledgable, listens in class, the most straight nosed of the lot. He is also the most masculine, but with a name like Toya it doesn't go far.

The third character is by far the most annoying. He is the most flamboyantly gay character I have ever seen in a computer game character, but it's not even funny. He is blatently in love with Toya - who strangely has all the girl NPC's drooling over him. He also speaks in THE most annoying voice EVAH! Plus, they made him a bard, I think that says it all.

To be fair, I haven't really got into it, but I can't see it getting much better, but we shall see. I haven't even unlocked any achievements yet! I'd like to stick it out, but I think I may just go back to the PS and FF 12.

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Missing London?

Who'd have thought it, but I am actually missingbeing down in London, though I suspect that it's the museum and the guys there that I miss rather than the city of London itself (though everyone knows that I heart the tube).

Being at home I feel totally cooped up, and while playing computer games all day is fun, it's not really very stimulating for the brain. It's funny, cus I'm really not the most sociable of people, but it is the social aspect of "work" that I miss the most. Just being able to chat about random stuff. Especially as I was in contact with them nearly every day. Bound to miss them, but still, weird, for me.

Of course, I could get off my buttand go out, but everyone is working these days, and it's no fun going places by yourself. Not that there is much to do up here, tis crap. You either go to the cinema or the pub - otherwise, out of options. Joy.

Don't really know why I'm writing this, just guess I'm feeling sad and self pitying. Ach. Sure I'll get over it.

~ ~ ~

Also, I have my interview at the Job Centre tomo, hpoefully they will give me my JSA!


Saturday, 8 September 2007

Argh! Spider!!

I am so proud of myself. The hugest and most ugly spider I have seen in a LONG time crawled into my room this evening. It was so gross. Only, because it was 11:30 pm I couldn't yell for Fi to come and kill it!

I was so brave, I actually managed to put a glass over it and trap it. I was going to leave it til morning (though seeing it move out of the corner of my eye was making me freak out) but Fi was up anyway, and she took it outside thank god! But even Fi said I did well not to immediatly yell for her, cus trust me this spider was ginormous. Bearing in mind that I freak out at spiders as big as my fingernails, this one was the size of the palm of my hand, I would have needed both hands to hold it. YES! GROSS!!

Anyway, I'm now scared to go to bed, cus I reckon it crawled out of my rucksack or something that I bought it from the garage this afternoon. The rucksack is in my bedroom. No sleep for me tonight! Waaaah!

(Maybe I'm not so brave afterall!!)


Friday, 7 September 2007

Roller Coaster Tycoon 1

The afor mentioned game is one of my favourites, and a while ago I found to my dismay that it didn't work on XP (specifically XP Pro), and so I gave it over as yet another classic old school game that I wouldn't be able to play (along with RCT 2 I might add).

I figured I would have to rig up a windows '98 PC, I've been thinking of doing it for some time now, but I thought "oh to hell with it" and thought I'd give it one last try. And guess what?! I got it working!! All I had to do was run it in compatibilty mode for win '98! Of course, I am now using XP home edition against since my Pro version was erm, causing me to be "a victim of software counterfeinting" rofl.

So all is good in the world of 'retro' gaming. Go out and install those old games again. You know you want to!

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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Job stuff

Got an email from the Oxford Ashmolean museum today...I didn't get the job. Apparently they had over 100 applications for that part time position (not really suprised though), so I don't feel too bad. It wan't perfect so I'm content to let it slide. The [hunt] goes on da da dum da dum da da (bonus points if you know what song that's from - answers on a comment slip plese!)

~ ~ ~

The people from Job Seekers Allowance contacted me this afternoon, apparently goig through the details tomo on the phone and then they'll tell me when to go for an interview down at the local job centre. Fingers crossed I qualify.

New apple/iPod ranges

For those who don't keep up on the tech news, apple have released upgraded iPods as well as some new stuff, mainly the apple touch. (Basically the same as the iphone but without the phone).

Engaget have a very comprehensive account of what happened at the unveiling here

If you just wanna see the new products (with UK prices!) then check out amazon here , where you can preorder(!).

It all seems pretty nifty, but I'm still annoyed that apple only do sizes upto 8 gig, and then jump to 80 gig. The first far too small, the later WAY to big (for me). Why they can't produce a nanno-esk 20 gig beats me.

I was waiting for the next gen of MP3 players in general, but I think the new nanno's are rather squat and well, ugly. I would never use it to watch TV shows/films either, so basically a waste of money.

I think I shall remain MP3-less for a little while longer, while I wait and see what Sony can pull out of the bag next.

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