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Personal Update

I don't really have much to say, but it's been a while since I wrote anything, so here goes...

Still living at home at present. Having trouble getting all my stuff into my allocated rooms - I blame it all on being a rat (Chinese symbol)! This was of course not helped by my latest furnature addition - the eagerly awaited glass coffee table.

Had a big move round today (still got lots of tidying to do) to make everything fit. The upshot is that now not only do I have a working TV in my room, but also dual monitor set up. This is very useful when using dreamweaver, as that takes up the whole screen, and if I want to have other things going as well can get very irritating. So that's all to the good.

With regards to the website, I'm very pleased with how it's been going. Over the last week I have updated the colour schemes, looks much more, well, professional isn't really the word, but it's good nonetheless, not like this sentence...

Ste is skiing for the week in France, so I have the xbox 360 for a week. With that and guild wars (which I am now sort of addicted to) I don't really see myself getting much done ^_^

As for more serious matters, I have one main job application in the pipeline - and I am really fingers crossed about it - where I would really love to work. I have heard that there may be some vacancies at Tam's place too, which is good. Looking forward to moving out and getting a real job nstufff. Whoohoo. Still, gotta wait and see on that front I guess.

Umm, yeah. Think that's everything. Ciao f'now.


Hey Jen,

Hows things? Did you apply for that Roman mosaic PhD in the end?

Steve Hollis

hmm... Because I am working, I don't have enough time to research what a micropaleo .. does. .. could you tell me which post explains it (if you really are a Rat like you say, I know you've explained it somewhere ;) ... we rats can't spend a day without explaining something we did to someone .... :P )

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