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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Car stuff...

Most of you reading this will have realised/read/heard the happy news...I passed my driving test on Monday, whoohoo! *party*

I was so relieved, I made a right muck-up of my parallel park but got away with it so it's all good. 8 minors. All good! I was double-y realieved seeing as if I had failed I would not have been able to retake my test until October at the earliest due to being away on fieldtrips and stuff for the whole of September, as well as the generally long waiting time to get a test anyway.

~ ~ ~ The remainder of this blog entry is a copy + paste job from a forum post, so you may have read this already. Also, it's kind of a rant/randomness typed directly from my brain, so it might not make too much sense!! There, fair warning to ya! ~ ~ ~

So I passed my test, and now I need a car. I want to be driving as soon as possible otherwise the first time I drive by myself I'm going to be a nervous wreck.

I bought my lessons in blocks of 10 hours to save money and had one owing, so rather than refund it I'm using to get practice on motorways with my instructor, and how to bay park (WHY you don't learn how to do possibly the most important manoeuvre is beyond me) - so that's next week, so not so bad.

So car. My brother passed 1st and is the second driver of my mom's car. He works as a croupier in a casino and works nights, my mom works days, so using the car is going to be pretty much impossible.

My mom's partner has a (to me) massive, vauxhall astra, and driving that would scare the shit out of me. I drove it as a provisional driver, but no way do I want to drive it by myself. Plus, insurance would be insane.

So I need my own really. I want a smart car. I don't care what anyone says, I love them, though I would need to take it on a test drive. I've requested a brochure, but new, it would cost around £7000. I have £3000. Fuck. Unless I find a 4 year interest free deal, )and that is more vauxhall than smart) I'm stuffed there.

So I'm stuck waiting for enough money to buy a new car, or I buy second hand. Now, I know the benefits of a used car, particularly where depreciation of value is concerned, but I don't want to have a string of cars like most of my mates. I want MY car, I want it new and shiny and have it in 20 years time when it breaks on me or something.

So I'm at a bit of a dilemma. A mate is selling her 04 Pergeot 206 (she is going into the church to put it in a very simple way). It was new when she bought it. She is asking £4500 for it, which is slighty beyond my budget. Mom and fi says it's awkward, because if she wasn't a friend she would ask for £1000 off the price. I mean, as a friend she might cut me a deal anyway, but still. It's an option. Even full price my mom would be able to loan me just enough to pay it back.

It's just, gah. Who would have thought getting a car was so much bother?!

Also - insurance. It's probably going to be around £800. If I'm lucky. My age and gender helps, but it's no good getting a car if you can't pay the insurance and upkeep.

Once my money from uni starts coming through it wont be so bad, can easily afford petrol and stuff then, especially while I'm still at home. But I also need a new laptop, and field gear, new office furniture etc.

Bah, this turned into a bit of a real rant after all.

Basically, I'm pissed off that I don't have enough money for what I want. laugh.gif

I'm definitely not alone in the world there. *Sigh*

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Friday, 1 August 2008

An inbetween-y time...

So as of yesterday I am once again unemployed, though this time by my own choice. My time at Wilkenson is at an end. Which is just as well, as customers were beginning to get on my nerves severely!! Seriously, I should never have a job that involves dealing with customers. After a few months my patience starts wearing thin.

Anyway, I now have an "inbetween" period of one month, seeing as my PhD stuff doesn't start until September. I thought I would need this time to sort myself out.

Firstly - I want to chill out after my retail stint. It's the second longest job I've ever had, the longest being at UCI cinemas. It was being to frustrate me, and it's always a good idea to leave before you take it out on the customers. So yeah, I wanted time to leave my "work" hat behind and basically chill out for a bit!!

Second - I do need to prepare myself for the PhD somewhat. I desperatly need new field gear, but I wont get any money for a while, and as I'm pretty broke I'll have to wait. Also, the season is not condusive to buying decent field gear. It's all summer macs and gaitors nsutff. No hardcore jackets with removal fleece layers, lots of pockets etc.

As well as sorting that stuff, I need to sort out my rooms. Get my PC fixed, that kind of stuff.

Third - I'm supposed to have my driving test on the 11th, and basically I'm going to fail. There is no point postponing it cus I wont be able to take it again til October sometime, which means I'd have to have another stack of lessons. I might as well give it a good go, and if I fail, well, I've got my first fail out of the way and know what it'll be like and stuff. I've got two 2-hour lessons the week prior, so hopefully I'll be back up to scratch. I had a two week break and basically it all went haywire. My manouvers are absolutly fine, but "general driving", not so much. I especially hate islands.

So yeah, that's basically what's going to be going on and such. I'll probably get bored and wish I was still working because money is getting tight, but hey. I'm sure I'll manage.

Ciao f'now.


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