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Wednesday, 24 September 2008


The madness has decended, the hordes have arrived. Nothing will ever be the same again...that's right, it's FRESHERS WEEK at Birmingham University!!

After having about 2 weeks of peace and quiet (more like deathly silence) the arrival of all the new 1st years is a slight shock to the system. In some ways it can be counted annoying, but in others, it's nice to see the campus so alive and well, enthused! How many weeks will it take to knock the grins off their faces? Not a lot I imagine!

Anyone walking around campus (any campus!) at this time of year runs the risk of being either a) mistaken for a fresher or b) mistaken as a friendly face by a fresher. I'm not quite sure which is more annoying!

In the first case, people act like you know nothing while trying to shove a dozen carrier bags and/or leaflets into your hands. I can't complain too much, the inevitable poster sale is here again, and as usual I have perused it and made a purchase! However, when I wanted to pay I enquired as to whether I could pay by Visa (as stamped on all the poster carboard dividers) but no, the card machine wasn't out yet (wtf?) so I'm trying to see if I have enough in cash when one guy leans over and says "there's one in the guild behind you...if you know where it is" in the voice of someone talking to a "special" child. You just want to yell I'M NOT A FRESHER AND I KNOW WHERE SHIT IS BETTER THAN YOU *cough*

In the second case...well, if you aren't being nabbed by random strangers whilst walking between the guild/library/office etc who want direction, you're being distrated from your reading by people in the library wondering why they can't get to section D of the library from floor 4, or asking how the classification system works (wtf? never been in a library before?) or just generally looking lost in the periodicals section wondering where all their textbooks are supposed to be, hehe. (The best bit about the periodicals section is that people rarely use them, know how to find them and is thus very quiet and fresher free!)

I guess I find it all quite amusing as I never went to my own freshers fair (plain laziness). But as I said, at least the campus feels alive now! Next week is when the fun begins...


Friday, 19 September 2008

It's all go now...

Latest happenings:

1. My PhD has started!

I've been in Anglesey at the beginning of the month, looking at the rocks I'm going to be studying for the next three years. Being Wales and the time of year...yes it was very wet. It was very interesting even if I found it rather difficuly to unterstand what was going on most of the time.

Paul is away in Assynt for this week and melanges, but it hasn't been going toooo well. Google and the Web of Science have been letting me down! Also, it's VERY annoying when you find what looks like a vital journal only for it to have been published in a journal that you don't have access to.

Next week I will probably spend looking at carbonates in the teaching collections to get up to speed with textures, terminology and basically what they look like. Will be very useful when it comes to looking at my own samples.

2. I have a car!

A friend of mine is going into The Salvation Training College and was selling her car, so I am now the proud owner of a Peurgot 206. And I have named her...Fi Fi La Ren. Very french sounding, hehe. I think it suits her quite well. I'm sure I have heard the name beofre, so if anyone reading this knows the origin, or someone of the same name let me know. Otherwise I'm going to take the credit for it, heh.

~ ~ ~

Other than that, everything else is pretty much normal. Been playing on the PC, 360 and PS3 a lot lately. Also, been working on my Oblivion section of my website quite a bit, so quite pleased with that. Still needs lots of pictures and work, but am happy with how it is coming along.

I'm thinking I might have a section devoted to my PhD (sad I know) so people can stay updated, (see how depressed I've got!) and just basically a log so I can look back on it too. I've already uploaded references and work onto my FTP server to I can access it pretty much anywhere. Yes, I'm that sad, lol.

Oh, I may scout out the local gyms for costs and stuff. Went round the uni gym which is dirt cheap (only £16/month) but it isn't the nicest, and rather cramped and hot. Some friends go to a local one, so would be nice to have a variety of people to go with.

Anyway, think that's enough for now.


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