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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

John Sergeant Leaves Strictly.

John Sergeant has pulled out of Strictly Come Dancing, and like Cilla Black, I am shocked and stunned. And in fact, I am quite angered by the whole thing, because I feel that he has essentially been bullied out of the competition.

Yes he wasn't the best dancer, but you know what? He was entertaining, and the public quite obviously loved him. The show is about entertainment, it's not REALLY a dance competition. You win a glitter ball for crying out loud. Strictly Dance Fever on the other hand, IS a dance competition, and it shows. In that show, people are literally competing for their careers, for the chance of a lifetime to land a real dance contract. STC is all about fun and entertainment.

I feel quite outraged on John's behalf. He's a nice guy, and he would never say he had been bullied out, but I have to say, I don't really blame him for wanting to pull out. The judges don't want him there (which to some extent is fair enough, but you don't have to be vile about it), and now some of the contestants are being horrid to him on the sly. James Jordan, I am looking at you. And to think you had be convinced that you had turned over a new leaf.

John does put hours in, he doesn't sit reading the paper ALL the rehearsal. And Kristina, what about all the work that she has put in? All that wonderful choreography that makes his routines worth voting for. What about the public who all got off their apathetic back sides to vote for him?!

Last week John was saying (rightly) about how this is an entertainment show and how the public have their say. It's just SLIGHTLY odd that he has done a complete u-turn, no? I really feel for him, he had a right to be in that competition and to dance as much as anyone else there. I am glad that they will still be doing a dance on Saturday. We love you John and Kristina!!

Additionally, BBC: If you are going to let people bully off those who are no good, then you might as well make sure from now on that you only invite young people with prior dancing experience onto the show, otherwise you will be creating more "travesty" in future series.

As an aside, I am especially cross with all those who think that it is "right" that he has quit. Particularly those who barely even watch the show.

I shall end with this quote from Cilla herself:

I am shocked and I am stunned, I think it is an absolute disgrace because it is a public show, it is supposed to be entertainment - so yes the judges judge on the dancing, but at the end of the day it is the public that pays money for the licence and it is up to them to judge who they want on the show.

"I am absolutely disgusted by the whole thing, John I love you.


Saturday, 15 November 2008

Being a Gamer

I was in Game the other day, and was struck by how open and accessible, and indeed 'normal' gaming has become to society. The launch and huge success of systems like the Wii, DS and PSP have made gaming open to everyone. The Playstation, xBox and PC are no longer the sole haunts of the gaming elite, and dare I say it, geek-dom.

My mum's other half is a recent player of the nintendo DS, and it was while looking at the game library for gift ideas that I looked to my brother and said, "do you feel embaressed looking at the DS section?" And yes, like me he does! I feel I should be holding a sign proclaiming "I am looking for a present! I am a true gamer, I was there with the BBC, the master system and the amiga!" I feel the need to distance myself from the so-called "next-gen gamers" who I feel are not gamers at all!! I grem up gaming, and will always love it.

Similarly, when I am buying games like the Sims 2 and Singstar: Abba I feel like I should confide in the sales assistant that I actually love blowing the heads off monsters in Unreal Tournament, getting scared to deal in Alien VS Predator and role playing in modern classics like Oblivion. I don't want to be steriotyped as a next gen gamer who oly plays "girly" games and squeels at the sight of blood (althugh in RL, that would happen!)

It's not that I feel judged when I buy games, I'm glad that everyone has suddenly realised what a great hobby it is! But sometimes I look around at the games and sigh *ah, mainstream*, and I must admit, dodging prams and screaming kids never used to be a problem in game stores in the 90's. Then, there was recognition of us true gamers!!

Oh well. We'll see who is still gaming in 20 years time!

In the meantime, I'm going to go and rock out to Singstar: Abba, and unleash my girly gamer side upon the world...But I'll be avoiding the rads in Fallout 3 tomorrow ;)

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