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Sunday, 11 January 2009

And lo, the gym calleth

Well, after about 2 years of saying "I should really join the gym", I actually got around to doing it last weekend. A few reasons for joining:

1. I'm fat. I seriously need to lose some weight.
2. I'm unfit. Important for fieldtrips and I actually miss having a lot of stamina.
3. My clothes don't fit and I'm too much of a tight wad to keep buying more.

So, this blog may now become splattered with gym updates, and I realise they aren't interesting, but they are a good record of what I've done for myself, so stuff ya!

My starting weight is 11.4 stones (around 160 pounds for you metric folk) - in my peak fitness I only weighed 7.5 stone - but 1) I was too thin, don't really want to get back that far 2) it's probably unrealistic anyway. 9 stone would be good, and I'd like to get back don to a size 10-12. Yay, targets!

Anyway, gym activity this week:

General gym: 2 hr 15 mins
Weights: 15 mins
Classes: 2 hours
Swimming: 30 mins

Not bad if I say so myself. When it came to swimming I was actually surprised at how bad I was - guess that's what happens when you don't swim for 4 (!) years. *sigh*

I think it's gonna be a hard slog, but it'll sure be worth it!


Thursday, 1 January 2009

Best Xmas ever?!

So for Xmas My brother bought me a Wacom Bamboo tablet which has handwriting recognition! And I am, in fact, writing this whole thing by hand and it is being converted into text ! So don't be surprised at bizarre mistakes and punctuation- it just can't understand my writing!

Xmas was ok here, nothing to report really! Spent NY at Ray + Dave's house which was cool . Played an awesome game where all you need is a cereal box and a pair of scissors! on-and you need to be flexible!

S0, 2009. It's going to take me ages to get used to the new date-it always does! And my new years resolution? Yes, I think I'll actually make one this year ... is to loose weight! Being meaning to do it-far ages so hopefully this year is the year! of course, i need to find a cheapish gym first!

Right- I think that's enough handwriting from me . i highly recommend the tablet by the way, not only is it cool-but also a good alternative to a mouse! Oh-and if you want to see an example of how it works here is a screen shot I took yesterday:


Happy New Year everyone :)

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