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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Best Xmas ever?!

So for Xmas My brother bought me a Wacom Bamboo tablet which has handwriting recognition! And I am, in fact, writing this whole thing by hand and it is being converted into text ! So don't be surprised at bizarre mistakes and punctuation- it just can't understand my writing!

Xmas was ok here, nothing to report really! Spent NY at Ray + Dave's house which was cool . Played an awesome game where all you need is a cereal box and a pair of scissors! on-and you need to be flexible!

S0, 2009. It's going to take me ages to get used to the new date-it always does! And my new years resolution? Yes, I think I'll actually make one this year ... is to loose weight! Being meaning to do it-far ages so hopefully this year is the year! of course, i need to find a cheapish gym first!

Right- I think that's enough handwriting from me . i highly recommend the tablet by the way, not only is it cool-but also a good alternative to a mouse! Oh-and if you want to see an example of how it works here is a screen shot I took yesterday:


Happy New Year everyone :)

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Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Car stuff...

Most of you reading this will have realised/read/heard the happy news...I passed my driving test on Monday, whoohoo! *party*

I was so relieved, I made a right muck-up of my parallel park but got away with it so it's all good. 8 minors. All good! I was double-y realieved seeing as if I had failed I would not have been able to retake my test until October at the earliest due to being away on fieldtrips and stuff for the whole of September, as well as the generally long waiting time to get a test anyway.

~ ~ ~ The remainder of this blog entry is a copy + paste job from a forum post, so you may have read this already. Also, it's kind of a rant/randomness typed directly from my brain, so it might not make too much sense!! There, fair warning to ya! ~ ~ ~

So I passed my test, and now I need a car. I want to be driving as soon as possible otherwise the first time I drive by myself I'm going to be a nervous wreck.

I bought my lessons in blocks of 10 hours to save money and had one owing, so rather than refund it I'm using to get practice on motorways with my instructor, and how to bay park (WHY you don't learn how to do possibly the most important manoeuvre is beyond me) - so that's next week, so not so bad.

So car. My brother passed 1st and is the second driver of my mom's car. He works as a croupier in a casino and works nights, my mom works days, so using the car is going to be pretty much impossible.

My mom's partner has a (to me) massive, vauxhall astra, and driving that would scare the shit out of me. I drove it as a provisional driver, but no way do I want to drive it by myself. Plus, insurance would be insane.

So I need my own really. I want a smart car. I don't care what anyone says, I love them, though I would need to take it on a test drive. I've requested a brochure, but new, it would cost around £7000. I have £3000. Fuck. Unless I find a 4 year interest free deal, )and that is more vauxhall than smart) I'm stuffed there.

So I'm stuck waiting for enough money to buy a new car, or I buy second hand. Now, I know the benefits of a used car, particularly where depreciation of value is concerned, but I don't want to have a string of cars like most of my mates. I want MY car, I want it new and shiny and have it in 20 years time when it breaks on me or something.

So I'm at a bit of a dilemma. A mate is selling her 04 Pergeot 206 (she is going into the church to put it in a very simple way). It was new when she bought it. She is asking £4500 for it, which is slighty beyond my budget. Mom and fi says it's awkward, because if she wasn't a friend she would ask for £1000 off the price. I mean, as a friend she might cut me a deal anyway, but still. It's an option. Even full price my mom would be able to loan me just enough to pay it back.

It's just, gah. Who would have thought getting a car was so much bother?!

Also - insurance. It's probably going to be around £800. If I'm lucky. My age and gender helps, but it's no good getting a car if you can't pay the insurance and upkeep.

Once my money from uni starts coming through it wont be so bad, can easily afford petrol and stuff then, especially while I'm still at home. But I also need a new laptop, and field gear, new office furniture etc.

Bah, this turned into a bit of a real rant after all.

Basically, I'm pissed off that I don't have enough money for what I want. laugh.gif

I'm definitely not alone in the world there. *Sigh*

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Friday, 1 August 2008

An inbetween-y time...

So as of yesterday I am once again unemployed, though this time by my own choice. My time at Wilkenson is at an end. Which is just as well, as customers were beginning to get on my nerves severely!! Seriously, I should never have a job that involves dealing with customers. After a few months my patience starts wearing thin.

Anyway, I now have an "inbetween" period of one month, seeing as my PhD stuff doesn't start until September. I thought I would need this time to sort myself out.

Firstly - I want to chill out after my retail stint. It's the second longest job I've ever had, the longest being at UCI cinemas. It was being to frustrate me, and it's always a good idea to leave before you take it out on the customers. So yeah, I wanted time to leave my "work" hat behind and basically chill out for a bit!!

Second - I do need to prepare myself for the PhD somewhat. I desperatly need new field gear, but I wont get any money for a while, and as I'm pretty broke I'll have to wait. Also, the season is not condusive to buying decent field gear. It's all summer macs and gaitors nsutff. No hardcore jackets with removal fleece layers, lots of pockets etc.

As well as sorting that stuff, I need to sort out my rooms. Get my PC fixed, that kind of stuff.

Third - I'm supposed to have my driving test on the 11th, and basically I'm going to fail. There is no point postponing it cus I wont be able to take it again til October sometime, which means I'd have to have another stack of lessons. I might as well give it a good go, and if I fail, well, I've got my first fail out of the way and know what it'll be like and stuff. I've got two 2-hour lessons the week prior, so hopefully I'll be back up to scratch. I had a two week break and basically it all went haywire. My manouvers are absolutly fine, but "general driving", not so much. I especially hate islands.

So yeah, that's basically what's going to be going on and such. I'll probably get bored and wish I was still working because money is getting tight, but hey. I'm sure I'll manage.

Ciao f'now.


Sunday, 6 July 2008

Long time no post

Howdy all,

Just a quick update from my last post really. After reading what I said, I have to say that I never did get onto the job line! However, I am due to start a PhD at The University of Birmingham in Sept/Oct and I'm really excited about it, so it's all good!

I'd explain what the PhD is about, but it would probably sound like gobble-de-gook to most of you (no offence!). Suffice to say, it is about rocks, mainly those located in Anglesey, Wales, and I will be looking at origin and formation and stuff. I'll get to travel which is awesome, as well as confrences and stuff, I will hopefully be heading out to Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada) to do some comparative work. And one of the best things about all this is that I have NERC and CASE funding, so I won't end up out of pocket this time. Time to practice budgeting for when I have a real job and place of my own, methinks, hehe.

Anyway, in the meantime I've been working hard (lol) at a retail job at Wilkenson. It's not great, but ok. Brings the money in - and I'm using that to learn to drive, got my 1st test in August so fingers crossed.

In more benign news, I'm still working on my website. In fact, I'm quite pleased with myself at the moment as I have written my first fluid layout completely from scratch. Sadly only one page has this at the moment, as it's taking some time to adjust the other pages of my website to it, but it's so worth it! Readers of all resolutions will be able to read without seeing cropped edeges and the like! Hooray.

My PC is currently broken, so not much gaming going on. However, the PS3 is good, and singstar is an awesome game, I don't care what anyone says! I am enjoying trying to beat my own high scores, so it's always entertaining. For me. Not to sure about anyone else in the house, hehe.

Anyway, that's enough of an update for one day, work soon *sigh*



Saturday, 19 January 2008

Personal Update

I don't really have much to say, but it's been a while since I wrote anything, so here goes...

Still living at home at present. Having trouble getting all my stuff into my allocated rooms - I blame it all on being a rat (Chinese symbol)! This was of course not helped by my latest furnature addition - the eagerly awaited glass coffee table.

Had a big move round today (still got lots of tidying to do) to make everything fit. The upshot is that now not only do I have a working TV in my room, but also dual monitor set up. This is very useful when using dreamweaver, as that takes up the whole screen, and if I want to have other things going as well can get very irritating. So that's all to the good.

With regards to the website, I'm very pleased with how it's been going. Over the last week I have updated the colour schemes, looks much more, well, professional isn't really the word, but it's good nonetheless, not like this sentence...

Ste is skiing for the week in France, so I have the xbox 360 for a week. With that and guild wars (which I am now sort of addicted to) I don't really see myself getting much done ^_^

As for more serious matters, I have one main job application in the pipeline - and I am really fingers crossed about it - where I would really love to work. I have heard that there may be some vacancies at Tam's place too, which is good. Looking forward to moving out and getting a real job nstufff. Whoohoo. Still, gotta wait and see on that front I guess.

Umm, yeah. Think that's everything. Ciao f'now.


Thursday, 6 December 2007

Cooking Experiences

Today I learnt that scrambled egg without cheese in tastes manky in comparison.

Lesson 1: Always remember to put milk and cheese in the pan with the eggs!

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Friday, 9 November 2007

I love splitreason.com

I was reading my daily dose of Ctrl-Alt-Delete today (a web comic) and the T-shirts that are advertised in the side bar were making me giggle again (I have the lilah one because she is awesome, and the statement is oh so true). So I browsed over the splitreason.com and browsed the rest of the stuff (not CAD related) and found THE best pair of pants ever, with the statement Achievement Locked on them, referring of course to xbox 360 gamer points and achievements. Oh I want. So bad. Unfortunately, I also want a load of other things from there too. The t-shirts designs are just classic. I'd want them all in vest top designs, or at least women's fit, but they don't do those *sad*, well not on the CAD stuff anyway. Maybe I should check it out. So should you. Because it is awesome.

That is all.

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Sunday, 21 October 2007

Hard-Fi new album - anyone fancy going to a gig?

I went out and had a big spend up at Merry Hill, spent a lot of the gift cards/vouchers I had for my birthday. Had a nice mix of: New games (The "new" Lara Croft game for xbox360, and the Knights of the Nine + downloadable content for The Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion [heart that game]); new clothes-ish (yay for coloured tights and leg warmers LOL - I couldn't resist, go Primark!); technological gear (new foldable headphones I'm wearing right now, and a new corded lazar mouse for my PC reading up to 3200 DPI!); aaaaaand MUSIC (Beautiful South - Solid Bronze Great Hits, Green Day - Dookie, and the new Hard-Fi album - Once Upon a Time in the West)!!

So, onto the purpose of this blog...I'm really into the stuff by Hard-Fi, I actually have hard copies of both of their albums. Very rare for me, and I bought their new one the other day without ever hearing it before, or any of the tracks. I really can't remember the last time I did that. Probably never actually, even in my high school days of buying Now! compilation CD's I knew at least some tracks!! But anyway, it paid off (plus, you can get chart album CD's for like a tenner now, bargain really).

Thus, seeing as I am liking them a lot, I thought I'd see if they are touring at all, and they are in December. I would love to go, but I don't know anyone else who knows them except Andy at the NHM who is responsible for me getting into them in the first place! (Yay for the ability to share library's on a network on iTunes). SO, if anyone wants to go to one of their gigs let me know. They are in Birmingham twice, as well as Manchester and London etc. Tickets seem to be about £22-25.

While I'm on the subject of Hard-Fi, I have to say I love their approach to album art and stuff. on their latest album there is just the band name, album title, and then in large font NO COVER ART and on the inside it just says INSIGNIFICANT PHOTOSHOOT. I would have liked the lyrics, but it's all good XD. Apparently on one of their singles from this album, one cover said "expensive black and white band photo not available". Awesome.

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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Good but lonely.

Another day at uni and all good. It's actually a lot warmer in the department than I remember, so I'm pleased about that. I just have memories of freezing my ass off at the weekends for 4 hours and having to breathe on my fingers to keep them warm!

Did more databasing today. Did almost 80, which is better than my 50 records yesterday, but it would have been even better if I hadn't had to go home so early! Fi arrived at around 3:30 because her training finished early, so it was a mad dash up to the car park! Highlight of the work day was recording some actual sapphires, and also having to wear gloves because I was holding rocks of death!! (They contained mercury, lol).

However, despite the experience being good, I felt fairly lonely walking thru campus at lunch time looking for something to eat (the guild has changed lots and I was like ARGH!). I really miss the NHM now, because rounding everyone up and going to lunch was one of the nicest parts of the day. As well as not having that anymore, there is the knowledge that I'm not going to bump into anyone I know either.

There was a departmental coffee today, but I didn't stay long, as I didn't really know anyone, and I didn't wanna impinge my presence on the 1/2 people I did know. Nor did I fancy striking up random conversation. In London I think I was more sociable, but then outings to the pub were much more sociable than just a dept. coffee. Also, I probably felt that I had to talk to people in London, or I really wouldn't get to know anyone. In Birmingham, my old shyness has come back a bit. And my fear of groups, heh.

It made me briefly think about doing a PhD again, because I don't wanna be lonely for 3 years, but i figure then I'll know the other students anyway, so shouldn't be so much of a big deal.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

First day back at B'ham uni...

Getting up this morning was a hell of a killer - getting to uni at 8:15, like the "old days", hehe. Spend the whole day databasing but it was good. Pretty simple stuff, minerals, with not much data, so not too complex to break me into it. They have lots of other stuff in mind too, so reckon it's gonna be fun.

Highlight of the day had to be Paul coming in to see how I was getting on, and his first comment being "oh, you almost look sophisticated in those glasses!", rofl.

Should be going in tomo, but some david wilson person is supposed to be coming round, and if my brother has to go and sign for his JSA I might have to stay in to wait for him, I will NOT be happy, esp. as I have to sign for mine on Friday, so I'll be getting a half day then. Gah!!

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Facebook-Friend Wheel

I was perusing some profiles on facebook, and came across this friend wheel thingy. it looks pretty nd stuff, so I thought I'd try it out (link to mine in title). I was quite impressed with the results, it clearly shows my friendship, and I even learnt that some friends are friends with others of my friends, where I would otherwise have said it was impossible that they knew each other!

I found my wheel fairly interesting...it is comprised of two major groups, within which is high interactivity and many people, and there are some smaller groupings, that are very insular:

Major groups (most extrovert):
1. School/college friends (cyan/light green coloured lines)
2. Salvation Army people (yellow/orange coloured lines)

Minor groups (very insula):
1. UCL/NHM people (dark blue/dark purple lines)
2. B'ham uni friends (bright pink)
3. Internet friends (red - due east from Neill to Fredrick)
4. London friends not course related (red, east, Malte to Jack)

Random group:
1. Mid purple, NNE section

The random collection is very wierd, and wonder if they are so placed because they have no particular network they belong too.

I find it grouped them all very accuratly, and was quite impressed with the results. It also makes me look a whole lot more sociable than I actually am!! ^_^

Of course, it really could just be a product of how many people I know in various groups, but the fact that quite a few lines cross the circle is interesting. Or maybe I'm just looking for relationships that aren't there :P

What's curious is that I then went to look at other friends who had a friend wheel to see various results. Now, some wheels were very simple with few crossing lines. Seemingly this shows that they have various friendship groups, and they don't interact much. On the other hand, one of my other friends had NO blank space in the middle at all, with crossing lines EVERYWHERE. At first I was thinking "woah, this guy has friends everywhere" but then I realised that they were all probably from the same environment, such as work or uni for example. Fair enough, but is it as complex at is looks?

Maybe people who have isolated segments of connecting lines balance more friendship groups, or maybe they don't mix in different groups or something.

For some reason, I think there is an interesting study of sociology there somewhere, I just can't grasp it! Hehe.

That's my randomness for the day ^_^

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Sunday, 14 October 2007

Need a new book

I've finished reading my set of Conan Chronicles by Robert Jordan, and now I'm annoyed because I don'y know what to read. I mean, I have ~500 books to chose from (all fantasy/science-fiction) and I don't fancy ANY of them!

Prolly cus I read them all so many times. Authors need to write quicker so I can buy more! I'm fed up of going into Waterstones and thinking "got that shelf...and that shelf, oh and..." etc etc etc.


Someone find me a decent series I haven't already read!



Near Future Happenings & Stuff

Well, I've stiill being a scav and living off my JSA at the moment, but for anyong who doesn't already know, I've got an xmas temp job at M&S starting early November, so that's all to the good. Can buy people nice xmas presents, as well as using the money for more material things, and driving lessons maybe.

I'm likely going to be applying to Brum/Leicester to do a PhD starting next Sept, and my mom thinks it would be beneficial to be able to drive. It's not necessary as such though, as I can get a lift in with mom/Fi, if I was at Brum. need to learn though really. Already been a bit of a millstone round my neck preventing me from applying for jobs and stuff.

Also on a work-related-ish note, I'm setting up some time for me to go and volunteer at the lapworth museum. I did the 'scholarship' there in the summer between my 2nd and 3rd year, so hopefully I'll kind of know what I'm about, though that depends what Paul/Jon find for me to do I guess. Not only is it something I will enjoy doing, and be good for the whole CV thing, it will also be good to have something to do. I don't know ho my brother sits at home all day doing nothing except playing computer games etc. I've only been home about a month, but I'm already getting extremely restless. I'm looking forward to getting out of the house and having soemthing to occupy my time. Something useful at that. Hopefully going to be going in Weds-Fri (waiting to hear back atm) til I start at M&S, then I'll have to change it to just Tuesdays and Thursdays. But yeah, looking forward to that :)

~ ~ ~

Don't know why, but I haven't really felt in the mood for writing blogs of late. Dunno cus it's because I'm so restless, or just because I have nothing to say! *sigh*

In other random news, I feel that I'm getting a better grasp of Fireworks and Dreamweaver, and my website looks better than it did before. Much better in my opinion. The only thing is that now there isn't much content as I took down all the original pages and am uploading new ones as I complete them rather than leaving the old ones up there, thus the only stuf up there is regarding my books. I should write some more personal pages again, but last time they started takin of the site, and well, having so much personal info up on the web isn't always the best, even though I don't create it under my real name! Besides, who really wants to know stuff about me?!

My hit rate has gone up very much over the last few months, think it's because search engines have finally indexed my site, now that I have posted up incoming links here and there. Good to see that people can find their way to my site from google searches and such. Just need more content really. I'm trying to review as I read, but I read so quickly it's hard to keep up.

But anyway, I'm really rambling here.

Ciao for now.

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In the unlikely event...

...that I ever get married, I've decided that the first song/dance that I would like at my wedding would be Look After You by The Fray. I think the song is beautiful, and I love the lyrics:

If I don't say this now I will surely break
As I'm leaving the one I want to take
Forgive the urgency but hurry up and wait
My heart has started to separate

Oh, oh,
Be my baby
Oh, oh
Be my baby
I'll look after you

There now, steady love, so few come and don't go
Will you won't you, be the one I'll always know
When I'm losing my control, the city spins around
You're the only one who knows, you slow it down

Oh, oh
Be my baby
Oh, oh
Be my Baby
I'll look after you
And I'll look after you

If ever there was a doubt
My love she leans into me
This most assuredly counts
She says most assuredly

Oh, oh
Be my baby
I'll look after you
After You
Oh, oh
Be my baby

It's always have and never hold
You've begun to feel like home
What's mine is yours to leave or take
What's mine is yours to make your own

Oh, oh
Be my baby
Oh, oh
Be my baby

Also, who wants terribly clichéd songs at their wedding? Heh.

Of course, my taste in music in likely to change in the future, but I reckon I will still love this song. The Fray's debut album How To Save A Life is amazing, and I would highly recommend it :)


Thursday, 13 September 2007

Missing London?

Who'd have thought it, but I am actually missingbeing down in London, though I suspect that it's the museum and the guys there that I miss rather than the city of London itself (though everyone knows that I heart the tube).

Being at home I feel totally cooped up, and while playing computer games all day is fun, it's not really very stimulating for the brain. It's funny, cus I'm really not the most sociable of people, but it is the social aspect of "work" that I miss the most. Just being able to chat about random stuff. Especially as I was in contact with them nearly every day. Bound to miss them, but still, weird, for me.

Of course, I could get off my buttand go out, but everyone is working these days, and it's no fun going places by yourself. Not that there is much to do up here, tis crap. You either go to the cinema or the pub - otherwise, out of options. Joy.

Don't really know why I'm writing this, just guess I'm feeling sad and self pitying. Ach. Sure I'll get over it.

~ ~ ~

Also, I have my interview at the Job Centre tomo, hpoefully they will give me my JSA!


Saturday, 8 September 2007

Argh! Spider!!

I am so proud of myself. The hugest and most ugly spider I have seen in a LONG time crawled into my room this evening. It was so gross. Only, because it was 11:30 pm I couldn't yell for Fi to come and kill it!

I was so brave, I actually managed to put a glass over it and trap it. I was going to leave it til morning (though seeing it move out of the corner of my eye was making me freak out) but Fi was up anyway, and she took it outside thank god! But even Fi said I did well not to immediatly yell for her, cus trust me this spider was ginormous. Bearing in mind that I freak out at spiders as big as my fingernails, this one was the size of the palm of my hand, I would have needed both hands to hold it. YES! GROSS!!

Anyway, I'm now scared to go to bed, cus I reckon it crawled out of my rucksack or something that I bought it from the garage this afternoon. The rucksack is in my bedroom. No sleep for me tonight! Waaaah!

(Maybe I'm not so brave afterall!!)


Tuesday, 28 August 2007

My time in London coming to an end

After 12 long months in London, it's almost all at an end. I saw my M.Sc classmates for probably the last time last friday when we handed in the final copy of our reports. I'm around this week, and then on Saturday I'm moving all my crap *cough* stuff back to Brum. Well, mom/Fi is driving the van!!

I don't think I'll miss London overly. Had a bit of a rough time of it down here, and I'm still not sure that it was all worth it, but time will tell I think. I did meet some great people, and found myself some more independence, as if I didn't have enough of that already! Ha! well, in more areas than others, but most people will know what I mean.

The main thing I think I'll miss about London is the transport network. The tube may have its problems, but I love it! No need for a car, and easy to get almost anywhere as well as being reasonably quick.

I'm looking forward to being home, but then I've kinda got used to living by myself, and although I found that lonely in London, I think it would be pretty cool back home. Independence as well as having friends near-by. Obviously, that will be a big step (moving out permanently), as well as expensive. It looks like it could be some time til that actually happens as well - not sure mom is gonna appreciate that, but oh well!

If I get a job straight out of this course on the other hand, I could be moving out in less than a month, but that is looking more and more unlikely. One of the real bummers is the fact that I can't drive, so I think that is something i shall have to rectify in the next few months. yet more expensive. Still, should be able to re-coup most of what I've lost in the first year of employment, so enough with the gloomyness already!!

Anyway, I'm sure I'm boring you all to tears, so in summary...I'll be back home Saturday! For good! (I think, lol). Wahey!!!

Shame I still have to pay Septembers rent on my flat :(


Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Mind Dump. Random blabber.

Well, it's been a while since I was able to write a decent blog entry, though what I class as decent may not equate with your opinion!

Anyway...I finally handed my dissertation/report in for my masters last week, and I was very happy. I did realise about 2 days later that I had forgotten to say that the scale bars in one of my plates were 200 microns, and that did vex me but nevermind. I can change it in the re-submission next friday. Hopefully they wont knock too many marks for that. I've been relaxing at home for the past week not doing a fat lot except playing on the 360 and doing some hard core gaming. What?! I've got lots of catching up to do! I have to do a presentation next tuesday, so I need to get started on that in the next day or so, but to be honest I can't really face going through it all at the moment. Some of the other guys agree with me that it's just hassel now, but it's ok for Tams and Jamie seeing as they already have jobs lined up. I have a few applications in the pipeline, but we shall have to wait and see. If the worst comes to the worst I shall have to get some kind of crappy job at Merry Hill while I figure out what I'm going to do. The bummer is that there are no jobs anywhere around home, infact, they all seem to be at the four corners of the flippin country! Most unhelpful. It's funny, because I always said that I would always go where the work was, and wasn't to fussed about staying near home. But when push comes to shove, I think it's a little bit harder than you first envisage. Of course, there are persobal issues to do with staying in the area, but that will all have to be figured out. I haven't ruled out the possibility of doing a PhD, and if I did one it would only be if I could do it at Birmingham (with Paul, lol) and if it was fully funded. At least then I have some more options career wise, although my mom always told me not to go into lecturing from personal experience!! If I got a proper job in my field though, I'd leave it for a few years at least. So yeah, as you can tell, it's all a bit up in the air at the moment.

Anyway, enough work talk.

The 360 has been a lot of fun really, and I've really jumped up on the gamer points front. It does vex me that I have so many achievements that are under ste's gamer tag that I have to re-do. But hey, it's all good fun, right? I haven't been playing oblivion much, because I've been finding the controls pretty solid, and aiming my arrows wasn't being particulary efficient, and I do so love to sneak up on the bandits and goblins and sneak attack them for 3x damage and see them drop like a rock!! Yay for multi-stealth kills. But recently I've got the hang of the controls a lot more, and so it's more fun. Besides, the load times on the PC version are annoying as hell. It's a shame as there are some really great mods out there that I want to play with, plus I have my 45 hour save all set up again, but 40 hours of game play isn't that much so I shopuld catch it up fairly soon. Just have to fit it around all the other great 360 games. I am so living for my gamer points at the moment. I know, gamer geek, what can I say? :P

I really wanted to work on my website this week, but seeing as my laptop has been collected for repair it's been a bit of a set back. Added to that the fact I had to wipe my hardrive to re-install a proper version of XP, so I have lots of re-installing to do once I get it back. If I get back, PC World made some stupid cock up with the collection, they had our address correct, but a completly random name, so my mom rang up to sort it out, and they couldn't understand where the error came from. When I told my mom that they wouldn't listen when I called them the other day on top of that (I was trying to explain that my USB ports weren't working and needed replacing and they thought the solution was a system restore. Idiots.) she wrote a letter to complain. Plus it means if they actually lose my laptop we have something in writing. I really love my laptop so I'd rather they repair the overheating and USB problem, but a new laptop would be rather nice. I'd probably get a shitty replacement though, so fingers crossed for repair. Unless they offer to give me £1300 of store credit to chose my new one (what mine is worth). Yeah, not gonna happen, alas. Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, my website. I've had loads of hits lately (as in, my number of unique visitors has shot from an average of say 16 a month, to over 100 per month). To be fair, that is mostly due to me hosting my blog on my own website rather than blogger, but as a knock on effect, google has logged my website so it now comes up in search results which is blatantly cool. It means I really need to do some work on the book review aspect (which is what I primarily set it up for) seeing as I only have one book review on there at the moment. Now that I know people can search and find my site (and are actually clicking onto it!!) makes it seem even more worth while now. So yeah, Jenny's pet personal project is moving all speed ahead, yay. Now I just need ste to help me with the templates so it looks much more pretty!!! Hehe.

Anyway, I have blabbered on for far to long. Dynasty warriors is calling to me...

Ciao f'now <3


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