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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

John Sergeant Leaves Strictly.

John Sergeant has pulled out of Strictly Come Dancing, and like Cilla Black, I am shocked and stunned. And in fact, I am quite angered by the whole thing, because I feel that he has essentially been bullied out of the competition.

Yes he wasn't the best dancer, but you know what? He was entertaining, and the public quite obviously loved him. The show is about entertainment, it's not REALLY a dance competition. You win a glitter ball for crying out loud. Strictly Dance Fever on the other hand, IS a dance competition, and it shows. In that show, people are literally competing for their careers, for the chance of a lifetime to land a real dance contract. STC is all about fun and entertainment.

I feel quite outraged on John's behalf. He's a nice guy, and he would never say he had been bullied out, but I have to say, I don't really blame him for wanting to pull out. The judges don't want him there (which to some extent is fair enough, but you don't have to be vile about it), and now some of the contestants are being horrid to him on the sly. James Jordan, I am looking at you. And to think you had be convinced that you had turned over a new leaf.

John does put hours in, he doesn't sit reading the paper ALL the rehearsal. And Kristina, what about all the work that she has put in? All that wonderful choreography that makes his routines worth voting for. What about the public who all got off their apathetic back sides to vote for him?!

Last week John was saying (rightly) about how this is an entertainment show and how the public have their say. It's just SLIGHTLY odd that he has done a complete u-turn, no? I really feel for him, he had a right to be in that competition and to dance as much as anyone else there. I am glad that they will still be doing a dance on Saturday. We love you John and Kristina!!

Additionally, BBC: If you are going to let people bully off those who are no good, then you might as well make sure from now on that you only invite young people with prior dancing experience onto the show, otherwise you will be creating more "travesty" in future series.

As an aside, I am especially cross with all those who think that it is "right" that he has quit. Particularly those who barely even watch the show.

I shall end with this quote from Cilla herself:

I am shocked and I am stunned, I think it is an absolute disgrace because it is a public show, it is supposed to be entertainment - so yes the judges judge on the dancing, but at the end of the day it is the public that pays money for the licence and it is up to them to judge who they want on the show.

"I am absolutely disgusted by the whole thing, John I love you.


Monday, 22 October 2007

Childhood Obesity

I was just watching the news where they were addressing the issue of childhood obesity once again. The latest trial is to introduce free *healthy* school dinners to young children. Now that's all well and good, but I don't think that's actually going to do sod all.

Take my school dinner history, in Primary School from years 3 to 6, I ate burger and chips and some kind of cake for pudding EVERY DAY, as well as a chocolate bar at tuck time. In high school I changed my eating habits about once a year. I remember in my first year having sausage and chips everyday, then I went onto a sandwich, before going to chicken nuggets and waffles, and then chicken burgers in my final year. For 5 years they were the only foods I ate at school, on top of a sausage sandwich on toast everyday at break time, as well as doughnuts or cake or chocolate from vending machines, as well as umpteen amounts of fizzy pop.

Was I fat at school? Hell no - I was one of the thinnest and most athletic. I could outrun most people in my year, had more endurance and was a six 6. SIX!! It was insane. Being thin and healthy had nothing to do with the food I ate, but rather the amount of exercise I did, in the form of P.E and school sports teams, both at lunch time and after school.

Now I'm not in school anymore I've shot up to a size 12 and I have no stamina whatsoever! My diet hasn't changed, but my exercise routing sure has. In short, no more sport (which I really miss, incidentally).

They need to get kids out more, let them play outside, in the street (what I did every night) go and climb trees and in wade in rivers. I played computer games, but only in the evening or it was raining generally.

People need to stop being so over-protective of their children and let them play outside. Or in the park, or whatever.

One note, I acknowledge that the food I ate wasn't healthy, but it didn't stop me being fit and my proper weight. Actually, if anything I was under weight. I will always appreciate the fact that I was allowed to eat the food I liked and enjoyed, rather than being forced other stuff that was more healthy.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2007

The relief of Belsen

Last night, I watched a programme on channel 4, about the relief of Belsen, a concentration camp in Germany. It was compulsive, yet horrific viewing. It was a dramatisation of the even that happened around that time (1945) featuring first hand accounts of people that were there, and most shockingly of all, real footage.

In brief, there were 10's of 1000's of inmates in a holding camp. It was estimated that 50,000 people died there, many from an outbreak of Typhus. The camp was originally designed to hold 10,000 inmates but at around 15th April 1945 it was holding 60,000. When the British soldiers arrived, there were just thousands and thousands of unburied bodies lying in heaps, or where they had fallen. I wont go more into it, but there is information about it all over the web.

What disgusted me, is that there are people in this world who promote holocaust denial (not that all the people in the camp were Jews. Most were women and children from various European countries, some of which had even been transferred from Auschwitz, as well as Russian PoWs). There is real live footage of people using tractors to shovel the bodies that look no better than emaciated barbie dolls into huge mass graves. It's so very saddening and despicable.

What was more heart wrenching, was that even when the British arrived, they just kept on dying, from both typhus and starvation. Even just 10 days after the British had liberated the camp, a further 11,000 inmates had died. They really portrayed the anguish that must have plagued the men and women there trying to help. Overall, the relief was a success story, but still...

The film also got me wondering about the footage. Sure, it's bad, but some of the first hand accounts that were read out were worse. I bet there is footage somewhere that isn't even on display in holocaust museums because it is so bad.

The one uplifting thing about the film, was how it recounted what the relief soldiers and some of the inmates had gone on to do in the rest of their lives. I was surprised at how many of them are still alive.

Nearly everyone knows, or should know, the story of Auschwitz. it shouldn't stop there, everyone should know the true horror of the holocaust. Noone should be brought up not knowing about this horrific story in my opinion. It makes you wonder, that as time passes and it fades in the minds of people, how many people will tend toward "holocaust denial". Shocking, really.

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