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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Musings on the latest banking crisis

I've just been reading that the senate in the USA has backed a slighty changed version of the bail-out bill and that will go back to the house of representives on Friday. And also that Northern Rock have cut a lot of it's saving deals due to a large number of customers switching.

Apparently, because Northern Rock are government backed, any savings with them are 100% guarenteed, whereas savings with other banks are only guarenteed to the first £35,000.

Now, I don't have savings anywhere near 35k, but surely it makes sense that you want to be 100% guarenteed wherever?! Apparently people who had larger lump sumes in just one or two banks, are now taking them out and spreading them around different insitutions. And I can't say I blame them.

However, I was talking to someone the other day, and we were saying that if everyone in the UK suddenly got the willies about their savings (like they did with petrol) and went and tried to withdraw all their money, well, the banks really WOULD run out of cash, and that would spark a TRUE credit crisis. That's a scary thought, no matter how unlikely it is.

Still, seeing as I just spent all my remaining savings on my car, I'm not overly bothered!! Still, I like to keep an eye on the news, even if I'm not too great at keeping up to date or have good knowledge etc hehe.

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Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Marriage and Benefits

On the forums I go to there has been a lot of threads about marriage lately, and reading the metro this morning I was reminded of one of them. I wont paste the original post because it was quite long, but this was my answer:

Primary purpose of marriage...well, if I ever got married I would like to think that it was purely because I very much in love with someone who I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. Though I suppose you cannot deny there there are benefits and stability that come with it. Though I would see those as more of a bonus than as a *reason* for getting married. If you're thinking about the benefits you can get by marrying your other half...well, maybe you aren't getting married for the right reasons wink.gif

As for "a stable environment for children"...if you need a piece of paper to prove that your relationship is stable enough for you to have a family, I think there is something wrong there. The kid isn't going to know any different, and in this day and age, no one is really going to give a damn whether you are married are not. If you are mature and responsible enough, and have the desire and love required to have a kid, then do it.

And finally, everything I just said goes for same-sex couples as well. Even the kid stuff. I was raised by gay parents since the age of 3, and I turned out absolutely fine thankyouverymuch tongue.gif

I'll just draw your attention to the bit I said about benefits incase you didn't read all that: "If you're thinking about the benefits you can get by marrying your other half...well, maybe you aren't getting married for the right reasons". So. what do I read in the Metro this morning?

Mr Cameron said he believed marriage and strong families were the bedrock of society. Britains high rate of family breakdown was linked to a tax system which failed to recognise marriage and a benefits regime that discouraged couples from living together.

Now, I quite like David Cameron, but saying that marriage is linked to tax, and thinking that people are less likely to have a family breakdown because of TAX just seems to be going a little to far, don't you think? It's like we are living in an archaic society sometimes. Reminds me of the "do you believe in 'sex before marriage'?" thread which I also participated in yesterday. But that's another story.

2007 going on 1907. *Sigh*


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